Theatre Club
The Theatre Club was formed in 2015. The members of the club comprises of 10 students. Barnita Majumder, Dr. Shreya Ghosh and Dr. Tomina, N.S. are in charge of this Club. This club was formed keeping in mind about the creativity of the students. The students can show their talents in this club by performing drama, which is a very strong form of expressing ones emotions, views, opinions. Various things like crime, love, revenge and upcoming social issues can be portrayed through drama. The motive of this Theatre club is to find out talents from the students and to focus on burning issues of the society. In 2015, September, on the occasion of Teachers Day (5th Sept), the students who are members of the Theatre Club performed on the stage at Najrul Kalakshetra. In 2016, the students again performed a drama based on advantages of science, on National Science Day. We are looking forward for more performances in future like street plays, soliloquies, oral plays etc. The Theatre Club is interested in performances which will take up all the important issues and changes in the society. Through their drama, the students try to send a moral message to the audience.

Club Activities :
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