Photography Club

Holy Cross College has a photography club which discovers the photography talents of students and make them learn more about photography so that they can explore themselves to the outside world. It has a membership of 14 students from different batches. The Photography Club organizes photography contests during the Holy Cross College Fest TEJAS with the theme Exploring Tripura. Professionals and Students from different institutions and colleges participated in the contest by sending their photographs to the college. On 15th April 2016 Holy Cross College Photography club hosted, The Aitorma, We care Film Fest at Holy Cross College for the first time in Tripura. The objective of the Film Fest was to bring about attitudinal and behavioral changes in our approaches to disability, promote the inclusions of persons with disabilities and stop misconception, myths and prejudices surrounding disability. The programme was very successful and very inspirational both for staff and students as well.

Club Activities :
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