NAAC Stearing Committee


Chairperson: Dr. Fr. Benny K. John, CSC


Convenor / Coordinator: Dr. Pankaj Chakraborty

1. Curricular Aspects5. Student Support and Progression
Coordinator: Ms. Sharmistha Rakshit
Member: Ms. Moumita Dey
Member: Ms. Barnita Majumder
Member: Ms. Elemi Debbarma
Member: Mr. Ravi Kumar Singh
Member: Ms. Moushumi Jena
Member: Ms. Sharmili Chakraborty
Member: Ms. Dipanwita Chakraborty

2. Teaching, Learning and Evaluation6. Governance, Leadership and Management
Coordinator:  Mr. Sushobhan Sengupta
Member: Mr. Rajesh Kumar Nath
Member: Ms. Moushumi Debroy
Member: Mr. Shankha Shubhra Bhadra
Member: Dr. Tomina NS
Coordinator: Dr. Reba Chakravarty

3. Research, Consultancy and Extension7. Innovations and Best Practices
Coordinator:  Dr. Fr. Benny K. John, CSC
Member: Ms. Mandrita Saha

Coordinator: Dr. Dipanwita Choudhuri Sil
Member: Ms. Sangita Chakraborty

4. Infrastructure and Learning Resources 
Coordinator: Sr. Vincy, FSM
Member: Mr. Jinesh Augustian
Member: Mr. Sabyasachi Biswas
Member: Mr. Samrat Ratna Sutradhar
Member: Ms. Anindita Paul
Member: Ms. Kianguiliu Pamei