Principal's Desk
Dr. Fr. Benny K. John, CSC
Principal, Holy Cross College Agartala


We are in full swing celebration of AMRIT MAHOTSAV OF FREEDOM commemorating completion of seventy-five years starting with a nation-wide display of “Har Ghar Tiranga”. The Nation fittingly celebrated with patriotic pride the seventy-sixth Independence Day honouring dearly the untold sacrifices of millions of Indians that take us where we are today. The celebrations remind us the need for continued sacrifices and renewed commitment for justice, liberty and equality for all.

We attribute to Mahatma Gandhi the saying; “There is enough for everybody’s need but not enough for anybody’s greed.” The independent India at seventy-five continues to be one of the most unequal societies, in social and economic status, in the world. It should be our constant struggle to share the wealth of the nation with every citizen. The fight for freedom should go on; fight against all sorts of corruption, enslavement, stealing, hording and greed that continue to keep us in bondage and slavery of one sort or the other.

HOLY CROSS COLLEGE, AGARTALA, has reached another milestone as she begins the Postgraduate Courses from the academic year 2022-23. We are grateful to TRIPURA UNIVERSITY (A Central University) for acknowledging the commitment and hard work of a competent team in pursuit of academic excellence in Holy Cross College by approving the introduction of MA in Political Science and MA in English from the Academic Year 2022-23. We look forward to introduce more PG courses in the coming years. The management, staff and the students of Holy Cross College promise to pursue a holistic education to become socially committed individuals who will work for the wellbeing of humanity in harmony with all creatures.

We are pleased to inform all our stakeholders and well-wishers that this year too, a large number of students have applied for the Undergraduate Courses and the admission process is on. Application forms for Postgraduate Courses are available, both online and offline, and we look forward to and extend a warm welcome to eligible candidates to take admission in HOLY CROSS COLLEGE.