The Department of Business Administration, Holy Cross College believes that the students undergoing this programme are required to exhibit competence and proficiency to achieve business objectives and to provide values to make ethical choices in business. The BBA Programme is a three year full time undergraduate programme in management of Tripura University (A central University) offered by Holy Cross College, Jubatara, is an interdisciplinary and integrated course offers young aspirant man and women to impart knowledge and skills with highest possible standard required for problem solving-team based environment at the workplace.

The programme specifically attempts to:

- To prepare undergraduates with the required theoretical and interpersonal skills for managerial decision-making,

- To develop leadership and administrative competences to act as a change agents in the organizations they will work in,

- To nurture the desire to excel in the academics and to implement the theoretical knowledge in the practical situation without compromising the business integrity, honesty and fairness.


Dr. Sushobhan Sengupta (MBA)
Sharmili Chakraborty (BBA)