The Centre for Counseling Psychology in Holy Cross College has been one of its innovative best practices. The Centre since its inception in 2014  has been offering  counseling services  holistically to attain  and address various   student related  issues like academic performance , emotional wellbeing  , behavioural  issues ,  career and occupational  counseling  & psychosocial  needs of the  students .

The  Centre  has been also  successfully  playing its role as a hyphen and  interface  between  the teachers and students,  parents and  institutions, in the field of  academic  affairs  that directly  or indirectly  relate to  all round and holistic  development of students .

The  Centre  for Counseling  Psychology  over the years  has been  successful  in establishing  its credibility  and  relevance in functioning  of Holy Cross College, Agartala  as a pioneer  institute of higher learning . It has been a  well codified  fact  that the Centre  has been  a huge  success  story  in a short  span of time . This  fact can be corroborated  by the  increasing  number  of students  who  have been  visiting the counseling centre  &  attending  counseling  sessions  spontaneously  . There was a time  the teachers had to actively / consciously  asking the students  to visit  the Counseling  Centre  for their various  issues  and challenges  they have been  facing .  However , now a days  the students on their own  voluntarily  coming to the  Centre & taking  appointment  in advance for  getting  their  requires counseling .

Moreover, the parents are also   contacting the Centre for the wellbeing of their wards.

The centre is quite optimistic  that in the coming days  the Centre  for Counseling  Psychology  would be successful  in providing more and more indebt  counseling  services  in hither to unexplored and emerging  areas of need based counseling . It would be an understatement  unless it is  admitted  that  whatever  has been  achieved  so far  by the Centre for Counseling  Psychology is only due to the active  support and guidance from  the Principal and Holy Cross College administration in general.


Mrs. MOUSHUMI JENA (In-Charge)