Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website



Whether you are a prospective student, parent, possible faculty, a benefactor, friend or an alumna/alumnus of Holy Cross College checking in to see what is happening here at Holy Cross campus, this site will lead you to other areas of the College. The college officially began its journey on 10th August, 2009, although classes had begun from July 06, 2009 with a group of 10 faculty members and 57 students enrolled into the BA and BCA degree programs. On August 10, 2012, we reached a mile stone as our first class of students graduated with their BA and BCA degrees. Our traditions in Holy Cross as educators have been very old, even though the College began its journey only in 2009 and the traditions at the college are rather young. Today the College offers courses in Science (B.Sc), Arts (B.A), Commerce (B.Com), Business Administration (B.B.A) and Teacher Education (B.Ed). The College is affiliated with Tripura University and recognized by UGC with 2(f) and 12 (B) and B.Ed is recognized by NCTE. Holy Cross College is blessed with the privilege of being the first college in the state of Tripura to be accredited with A Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Agency (NAAC) on September 12, 2017.

The members of our teaching faculty are the best that could be found in the area in terms of their dedication and commitments to the students. They mentor the students and help them to perform their best. They are caring, understanding, affirming and encouraging. But they also challenge them at the same time so that the best in them can be manifested. Our faculty place teaching as their highest priority and personal attention and mentoring is the rule here and not the exception. As a result, our students many of whom join the college as average students go out of the college as confident leaders, well prepared for life with the holistic education of hearts and minds.

The college had its temporary home at the campus of Holy Cross School at Durjoynagar, but eventually moved into the new campus of the college at Jubatara, Lembucherra on Mohanpur road on July 06, 2015 which is about 9 kilometers away from Durjoynagar. The new campus is green and eco-friendly with modern facilities, smart class rooms, food court and free wifi.

Being small at the present moment, the college has a lot of advantages. The greatest advantage is the personal attention that the students receive. As a Catholic College, we support the moral and spiritual development of our students. Students are encouraged to engage themselves in community service where they are exposed to the reality of life outside the campus and to the pains and sufferings of people in their locality. They are encouraged to volunteer to alleviate their pain and sufferings to the extent that is possible for them. Many opportunities are provided for them to develop their leadership qualities, personalities and all round growth.

Holy Cross College is committed to cultivating an appreciation for diverse cultures and experiences within and outside the College community. The students hail from diverse tribal and other ethnic backgrounds. Presently, the college has students from 10 states of India and from the neighbouring Bangladesh. Spending time together at the college, whether in the classroom or outside the classroom, during seminars, ethnic day celebrations, College Fest or other cultural programs, in the food court or games fields helps them to appreciate diversity and see beauty in diversity. The study tours and study abroad programs planned and executed with our sister institutions in the USA help them to open their horizons and look beyond their borders, cultures and races.

As you visit this site, please remember that your experience will be very different when you visit us in person. While a website is an efficient way to get an idea of what a college is like, there is nothing more engaging and exciting like paying a visit to the college in person. We welcome you affectionately to the campus. God bless you always.


Dr. Fr. Emmanuel Kallarackal, CSC


Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
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