Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website


  1. May 22, 2000 Decision/decree by the Holy Cross northeast district chapter to start Holy Cross College at Agartala.
  2. Sept. 01, 2003 Personnel identified and sent for higher studies (PhD).
  3.  Sept. 01, 2008 Project director appointed.
  4.  Oct.’08-Mar’09 Consultation with the members of HCEF, Govt. Officials and public about the starting of Holy Cross College at Agartala.
  5.  Nov.’08-Dec’08 Need assessment survey conducted among students of higher classes in 6 schools in and around Agartala town. 984 students participated.
  6.  Nov.’08-Jan.09 Visit by the project director to twenty Colleges and Universities in India, (Northeast and South India.
  7.  Nov. 29, 2008 First meeting with the VC of Tripura university to see possibility of affiliation of Holy Cross College to Tripura University ( A Central University).
  8.  Dec. 08, 2008 Official submission of Holy Cross University project to the Govt. of Tripura through the director of Higher Education, following the official format.
  9.  March 12, 2009 Response from the office of the Chief Minister suggesting that we start with a college, which could be the foundation of a future University.
  10.  April 08, 2009 Application to Tripura University requesting provisional affiliation.
  11. April 17, 2009 Holding of the first consultative meeting of friends, well-wishers and prominent citizens of Agartala.
  12.  April 28, 2009 Provisional affiliation granted by Tripura University.
  13.  May 19, 2009 Discussion and approval by Holy Cross Provincial Chapter membership (General Body of HCEF) to begin the college temporarily in the school campus.
  14.  May 20, 2009 First Hoardings and advertisements on display and Advertisements in local dailies inviting lecturers to the College.
  15.  June 01, 2009 Application forms given out to the students.
  16.  June 05, 2009 Counselling, Interviews and admissions of students begin.
  17.  June 08-10, ‘09 Interviews of prospective lecturers begin. (118 applicants).
  18.  June 15, 2009 Display of panel of selected lecturers in the campus.
  19.  July 01-03, ‘09 Orientation and training of new lecturers in the campus.
  20.  July 04, 2009 First Press Conference.
  21.  July 06, 2009 Classes begin for BA and BCA with a meaningful prayer Service and welcome ceremony.
  22.  July 08-10, 09 Orientation seminar for the students of BA, BCA courses.
  23.  Aug. 10, 2009  Official Inauguration of the College by the Chief Minister of Tripura in the presence of the Higher Education Minister, Vice-Chancellor of Tripura University, Bishop of Agartala, Chairman of HCEF, the Founding Principal of the College and numerous dignitaries, well wishers, teachers and students.
  24.  Feb. 15, 2010  No Objection Certificate (NOC) received from Tripura State Govt.
  25.  Aug. 09, 2012 The First Graduation Day held for 42 graduating students with BA and BCA degrees.

Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
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