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Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website



‘My life is my message’ said Mahatma Gandhi. How I wish if I could say thus with conviction. I am happy to share with the members of the faculty, students and all the visitors my dreams regarding Holy Cross Higher Education.
‘Light dispels the darkness, knowledge illumines the mind’ and higher education moulds an individual with character. Higher education is not a continuation of school education per se. But in the same breath one must acknowledge that education, in a broad sense, is the process of life-long learning from cradle to the grave. It is in recognition of these nuances that we come face-to-face with greater challenges to what we call higher or graduate/post-graduate education.
The present system of education is knowledge-centric, skill-centric and is highly competitive and commercialized. This sort of education might provide empowerment and employability but not necessarily a sense of direction and purpose. The ‘Handbook’ of HCC has spelled out its ‘Aim’ as “To educate the whole personality of the youth, educating their hearts and the minds, so that each Holy Cross student will think, act and lead with courage toward creating a just and peaceful society.”
It is my dream that the higher education be ‘holistic’ in nature promoting the horizontal and vertical dimensions of human growth. We are in need of inclusive quality education that address the challenges of implementing social justice through education and empowerment of the poor and marginalized in our society. To this, I envisage Holy Cross College as a place of freedom, temple of learning and human growth to its fullest potential.
I took to my formal education with great love for learning right from the primary, going through it all quite ‘religiously’ so to say. I loved my classes and would not miss a single day and had deep respect and admiration for my teachers. Many of my teachers all along became role-model for my life and I caught many enduring values from my parents and teachers that makes me what I am today.
I consider it a great privilege to be called upon to take up the leadership of Holy Cross higher education in Tripura. We have come a long way in establishing a reputed higher educational institution in a short span of a decade. It will be my endeavour to build on, expand and explore the possibilities of taking the institution to further heights. In God alone, the source of all wisdom, we shall trust to have the wisdom, knowledge and courage to submit ourselves to a process of ‘learning and un-learning’ to establish a society of justice, equality, fraternity and peace.

Dr. Fr. Benny K. John, CSC


Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
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