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Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website

Department of Human Physiology

About the course:

Human physiology is the science of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical function of humans. As a discipline, it connects science, medicine, and health, and creates a framework for understanding the human body functions and also investigates the interaction of molecules, cells, tissues and organs, and how these parts make up the whole body.

At the undergraduate level, in addition to requiring completion of the core science courses, students are challenged to question critically, think logically, and communicate clearly. Students are enabled to develop academic competence at the highest level attainable, and are introduced to the forefront of current knowledge in human physiology.

The practical modules cover hematological, experimental, biochemical, nutritional, molecular biology, microbiology, and the lecture modules include neuroscience, regulatory physiology, neuromuscular physiology, perspectives in physiology research, and cell signaling, etc. Interdisciplinary courses and the units involved are Biochemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Environmental science, Ergonomics, Nutrition and dietetics.

 In a nutshell, Human physiology as a course serves the following purposes:
                        i) To enquire the fascinating complexity of human body.
                        ii) As a gateway to carriers in health related field.
                        iii) Overall effective maintenance of individual and community health.

Course duration: 3 years (6 Semesters).

Eligibility: Passed H.S. (10+2) in related stream from recognized board.

Teaching Faculty:          

  1. Dr. Sandeep Roy Sarkar - Assistant Professor
  2. Mr. Sunil Ranjan Saha - Visiting Faculty

Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
Holy Cross College, Agartala :: Official website
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